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Jennifer Brown (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Rheology, soft matter, gels, magnetic resonance, porous media

Doug Cameron (Montana Tech - Chemistry)

Biofuel characterization and environmental factors affecting algal biofuel production

Ross Carlson (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Soft Matter and Microfluidics Lab

Connie Chang (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Metabolomic systems analysis & biofuel production

Sarah Codd (Montana State University - Mechanical Engineering)

Gels, complex fluids, and porous materials

Alicia Cox (Montana Tech - Chemistry & Geochemistry)

Proteomic systems analysis and natural biomaterials

Matthew Fields (Montana State University - Microbiology)

Bacterial systems for biofuel production.

Robin Gerlach (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Environmental biotechnology and bioremediation.

Andrij Holian (University of Montana - BMED)

Biocompatibility and mechanisms of interactions studies using multiple in vitro and in vivo approaches

Karlene Hoo (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering/Dean of the Graduate School

Mathematical modeling and numerical solutions of biomaterial synthesis mechanisms

Ron June (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Cartilage during drug delivery and mechanical transduction

Anja Kunze (Montana State University - Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Research projects in the Kunze lab live at the interface between micro- and nano-engineered tools and neuroscience with the scope of understanding the role and function of the brain microstructure in healthy brains and during the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Marisa Pedulla (Montana Tech - Biological Sciences)

Interaction of bio-compatible nanoparticles with biological systems, including bacterial and eukaryotic viruses and their host cells.

Sandy Ross (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Time-resolved spectroscopy; model bio-membranes (nanodiscs and liposomes); single-molecule spectroscopy

Cecily Ryan (MSU, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Biodegradable and bio-derived polymers and composites; materials properties of composites, including interfacial compatibilization; environment-material interaction; multi-functional materials; nanocomposites

Monica Serban (University of Montana - Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Biomaterials, medical devices, drug delivery systems

Joseph D. Seymour (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Magnetic Resonance, Materials Characterization, Porous Media, Biopolymer gels

K.V. Sudhakar (Montana Tech (M & ME)

Mechanical behavior & surface characteristics of non-toxic, low modulus beta titanium alloys for medicine & healthcare

Robert Walker (Montana State University - Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Nonlinear optical studies of adsorption, film formation and bioaccumulation at solid-liquid and model membrane interfaces

James Wilking (Montana State University - Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Physical and material properties of microbial biofilms, mechanics of soft materials, colloidal and nanomaterials synthesis with specific applications in pharmaceutical formulations, microfluidics, developmental biology, biomaterials, emulsions, colloids, complex fluids, smallangle neutron scattering, microscopy, optical trapping