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Jennifer Brown (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Rheology, soft matter, gels, magnetic resonance, porous media

Doug Cameron (Montana Tech - Chemistry)

Biofuel characterization and environmental factors affecting algal biofuel production

Ross Carlson (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Metabolomic systems analysis & biofuel production

Sarah Codd (Montana State University - Mechanical Engineering)

Gels, complex fluids, and porous materials

Alicia Cox (Montana Tech - Chemistry & Geochemistry)

Proteomic systems analysis and natural biomaterials

Matthew Fields (Montana State University - Microbiology)

Bacterial systems for biofuel production.

Andrij Holian (University of Montana - BMED)

Biocompatibility and mechanisms of interactions studies using multiple in vitro and in vivo approaches

Karlene Hoo (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering/Dean of the Graduate School

Mathematical modeling and numerical solutions of biomaterial synthesis mechanisms

Ron June (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Cartilage during drug delivery and mechanical transduction

Marisa Pedulla (Montana Tech - Biological Sciences)

Interaction of bio-compatible nanoparticles with biological systems, including bacterial and eukaryotic viruses and their host cells.

Sandy Ross (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Time-resolved spectroscopy; model bio-membranes (nanodiscs and liposomes); single-molecule spectroscopy

Cecily Ryan (MSU, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Biodegradable and bio-derived polymers and composites; materials properties of composites, including interfacial compatibilization; environment-material interaction; multi-functional materials; nanocomposites

Joseph D. Seymour (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Magnetic Resonance, Materials Characterization, Porous Media, Biopolymer gels

K.V. Sudhakar (Montana Tech (M & ME)

Mechanical behavior & surface characteristics of non-toxic, low modulus beta titanium alloys for medicine & healthcare

Robert Walker (Montana State University - Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Nonlinear optical studies of adsorption, film formation and bioaccumulation at solid-liquid and model membrane interfaces