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Electronic, Photonic & Magnetic Materials

Doug Cameron (Montana Tech - Chemistry)

Biofuel characterization and environmental factors affecting algal biofuel production

Rufus Cone (Montana State University - Physics)

Resonant optical materials for quantum information, signal processing, and solid state lasers

Jerry Downey (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Vapor phase transport. Determination of fundamental properties of ionic melts

Kumar Ganesan (Montana Tech - Environmental Engineering)

Development of nano-metallic filters to remove contaminants from water & air

William Gleason (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Metallic membrane hydrogen purification

Erik Grumstrup (Montana State University - Materials Science, Chemistry)

Nonlinear imaging and nanoscale spectroscopy, charge carrier transport in disordered materials and nanostructures, nano- and micro-scale materials synthesis

Yves Idzerda (Montana State University - Physics)

Interfacial & nanostructured behavior in oxide materials

Anja Kunze (Montana State University - Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Research projects in the Kunze lab live at the interface between micro- and nano-engineered tools and neuroscience with the scope of understanding the role and function of the brain microstructure in healthy brains and during the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Galina Malovichko (Montana State University - Physics)

Magnetic resonance study of intrinsic, extrinsic and radiation defects in photonic materials and materials for telecommunications and computing

Wataru Nakagawa (Montana State University - Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Design, fabrication, characterization and applications of novel optical devices based on micro- and nano-structures in silicon and other materials

Steven Shaw (Montana State University - Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Energy Research Institute)

System identification & controls, energy and fuel- cell systems, instrumentation

Jack Skinner (Montana Tech - General Engineering)

Plasmonics; metamaterials; micro/nano-scale structures

Stephen Sofie (Montana State University - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Innovative Ceramic Processing, Microstructure/Nano Structure Engineering, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, High Temp. Piezoelectrics, High Temp. Superconductors, Thermoelectrics, Photoluminescent Ceramics

Aaron Thomas (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Transport Phenomena and Separations, Mechanical Gas Separations and Biological Separations in MEMS Devices

Courtney Young (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Metal recovery, hydrometallurgy, mineral processing, separations, recycling, waste treatment, photo-conversion, & coal gasification