Electron Microscope Image


Electronic, Photonic & Magnetic Materials

Doug Cameron (Montana Tech - Chemistry)

Biofuel characterization and environmental factors affecting algal biofuel production

Rufus Cone (Montana State University - Physics)

Resonant optical materials for quantum information, signal processing, and solid state lasers

Jerry Downey (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Vapor phase transport. Determination of fundamental properties of ionic melts

Kumar Ganesan (Montana Tech - Environmental Engineering)

Development of nano-metallic filters to remove contaminants from water & air

William Gleason (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Metallic membrane hydrogen purification

Erik Grumstrup (Montana State University - Materials Science, Chemistry)

Nonlinear imaging and nanoscale spectroscopy, charge carrier transport in disordered materials and nanostructures, nano- and micro-scale materials synthesis

Yves Idzerda (Montana State University - Physics)

Interfacial & nanostructured behavior in oxide materials

Galina Malovichko (Montana State University - Physics)

Magnetic resonance study of intrinsic, extrinsic and radiation defects in photonic materials and materials for telecommunications and computing

Steven Shaw (Montana State University - Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Energy Research Institute)

System identification & controls, energy and fuel- cell systems, instrumentation

Jack Skinner (Montana Tech - General Engineering)

Plasmonics; metamaterials; micro/nano-scale structures

Aaron Thomas (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Transport Phenomena and Separations, Mechanical Gas Separations and Biological Separations in MEMS Devices

Courtney Young (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Metal recovery, hydrometallurgy, mineral processing, separations, recycling, waste treatment, photo-conversion, & coal gasification