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Materials for Energy Storage, Conversion & Conservation

Roberta Amendola (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Degradation of materials, tribological behavior, thermo-mechanical performance, oxidation, surface engineering and rapid development of novel compositions and customized microstructures

Doug Cairns (Montana State University - M&IE)

Materials, polymer/ceramic matrix composites, manufacturing, & structural performance link for new engineering systems

Xi Chu (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Electronic structure, geometry, and dynamics of molecules of technological or fundamental interest

Matthew Fields (Montana State University - Microbiology and Immunology)

The physiology and ecology lab is interested in “environmental” organisms and biofilms involved in a variety of processes that include nitrate contamination, heavy metal reduction, metal corrosion, extremophiles, and bio-energy.

Robin Gerlach (Montana State University - Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Environmental biotechnology and bioremediation

Erik Grumstrup (Montana State University - Materials Science, Chemistry)

Nonlinear imaging and nanoscale spectroscopy, charge carrier transport in disordered materials and nanostructures, nano- and micro-scale materials synthesis

Yves Idzerda (Montana State University - Physics)

Interfacial & nanostructured behavior in oxide materials

David Miller (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Mechanical behavior and active materials: composites piezoelectrics, and shape memory alloys

Sandy Ross (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Time-resolved spectroscopy; model bio-membranes (nanodiscs and liposomes); single-molecule spectroscopy

Jack Skinner (Montana Tech - General Engineering)

Plasmonics; metamaterials; micro/nano-scale structures

Stephen Sofie (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Materials synthesis (nano/micro-scale), electro- ceramics, materials for thermo-electrics and high-temperature electrochemistry, innovative processing

Nicholas Stadie (Montana State University - Chemistry anc Biochemistry)

Creating and exploiting designable carbon-based materials with a chief interest in their application for energy storage.

Robert Walker (Montana State University - Chemistry & Biochemistry)

High-temperature surface spectroscopy for probing oxidation and degradation in solid oxide electrochemical cells

Stephanie Wettstein (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Zeolite separations and catalysis for renewable chemicals and fuels