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Materials Synthesis, Processing & Fabrication

Roberta Amendola (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Degradation of materials, tribological behavior, thermo-mechanical performance, oxidation, surface engineering and rapid development of novel compositions and customized microstructures

Doug Cairns (Montana State University - M&IE)

Materials, polymer/ceramic matrix composites, manufacturing, & structural performance link for new engineering systems

Jerry Downey (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Vapor phase transport. Determination of fundamental properties of ionic melts

Kumar Ganesan (Montana Tech - Environmental Engineering)

Development of nano-metallic filters to remove contaminants from water & air

Paul Gannon (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

High-temperature corrosion and corrosion protection in metals and ceramics, thin-film coatings

Erik Grumstrup (Montana State University - Materials Science, Chemistry)

Nonlinear imaging and nanoscale spectroscopy, charge carrier transport in disordered materials and nanostructures, nano- and micro-scale materials synthesis

Kevin Hammonds (Montana State University - Civil Engineering)

Montana State University is home to the Subzero Lab, a unique and state-of-the-art suite of laboratories used to study the effects of the cold on projects across many scientific disciplines.

Hsin-Hsuin Huang (Montana Tech - M&ME)

Aqueous systems, thermodynamics, chemical speciation calculations/programming for StabCal, & computer applications to metallurgy & Materials Science

Ron June (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Cartilage drug delivery and mechanotransduction

Brian Kukay (Montana Tech - General Engineering)

Destructive, semi-destructive, and non-destructive evaluation of structural materials

Mary MacLaughlin (Montana Tech - Geological Engineering)

Mechanical behavior and engineering properties of geomaterials; Numerical modeling (FE/FD, discrete element) of shear failure & fracture

Bruce Madigan (Montana Tech - General Engineering)

Application and automation of welding processes for additive manufacturing

David Miller (Montana State University - M&IE)

Mechanical behavior and active materials: composites piezoelectrics, and shape memory alloys

Chris Palmer (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Colloids, polymers, polymeric nanoparticles for use in separation science

Dario Prieto (Montana Tech - Mechanical Engineering)

Catalysts and adsorption; applied surface science

Edward Rosenberg (University of Montana - Chemistry)

Synthesis and application of silica-polyamine composites in the mining and metallurgical processing industries

Joseph D. Seymour (Montana State University - Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Magnetic Resonance, Materials Characterization, Porous Media, Biopolymer gels

Stephen Sofie (Montana State University - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Materials synthesis (nano/micro-scale), electro- ceramics, materials for thermo-electrics and high-temperature electrochemistry, innovative processing

Nicholas Stadie (Montana State University - Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Our research spans the fields of solid-state, physical, and materials chemistry. We explore new synthesis routes toward structurally and chemically tunable carbon-based materials with a chief interest in their application for energy storage. Contributing fundamental insights into gas physisorption phenomena at the solid interface is also a goal of our work, using classical equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

Katherine Zodrow (Montana Tech - Environmental Engineering)

Advanced materials for water treatment, environmental processes, membrane filtration